Pigmint Arome Jasmine Botanika

Pigmint Arome Jasmine Botanika

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Great floral family candle with a sultry and complex nose - sure to be a top seller.

Manufacturer's Description:

Unexpected and sultry, the earthy scent of petrichor combines with the rich warmth of jasmine and amber in a perfectly balanced harmony of scents. Permeating the air with an addictive floral fragrance, Jasmine Botanika is as complex as it is light.


Top Notes: Lemon Sparkle, Coconut, Star Jasmine Marigold Blossoms, Grapefruit,  Black Currant

Middle Notes: Rose Petals, Gardenia, French Vanilla, Star Jasmine, Water Lily, Gardenia,

Base Notes: Amber, Oakmoss, White Musk, Palm Leaves, Patchouli


Standard Candles Weight: 8.5 oz., 240 g. Height: 3.5 in. Width: 3 in.
May burn up to 60 hours