Luxury Candle Brands Welcomes - Pigmint Arome Candles

Luxury Candle Brands Welcomes - Pigmint Arome Candles

Mar 9th 2020

Pigmint, your fragrance authority for the home. From our flower shop beginnings, scent remains our singular touchstone and driving force—both in life and in business. Style, quality, attention to detail and well-being are cornerstones of our brand. From candles and room sprays to reed diffusers, we’re committed to awakening your olfactory senses with the absolute best in scent.

“Partnering with artists is something we are deeply passionate about.”

In developing our Core Collection, we chose Archan Nair, a Berlin based mixed media artist, to create the painterly artwork which adorns our packaging. Six images of women, with vibrant color, rich texture and hidden elements cascading throughout their hair were created. Each image representing a specific one of our core scents. A select strand of hair from each of the six women were used to create the artwork on our packaging. This is why we consider each candle to be your own mini masterpiece.