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Soap & Paper Factory


SOAP & PAPER began back in 2001 with a curiosity for making soap…. the old-fashioned way. Soap is an incredibly laborious, painstaking craft: You must have patience, knowledge, and tenacity. It’s difficult, but it’s also one of the most rewarding crafts on the planet.

In the beginning, making soap was a “late night” affair, with a little vodka and some good tunes, and then waking up in the morning and running downstairs to lift the wool blanket off the soap to see how it all turned out. It was like Christmas Morning every day.

IT'S INTERESTING to look back, to use the painstaking craftsmanship of soap making as a metaphor for who we are. Because S&P has been (and still is) an incredible place of learning, mistake-making, loving, laughing (and sometimes crying…). We love what we do, and are always striving to bring you the best products. We like to think of Soap and Paper as the quintessential “Work In Progress.”

WHEN SHANNON AND LISA met way back in 2000, it was because of their kids, who went to the same nursery school.  Now those kids are in college!!  Where does the time go? We love our peeps with whom we work, all of our friends and customers, stores, manufacturers, vendors, sales reps and families.  They are all part of Soap and Paper!

SINCE OUR HUMBLE BEGINNINGS we’ve grown beyond just soap (and paper!). Take a look at our products – all of them are formulated and fragranced meticulously, and of course we bring you the most beautiful, eco-friendly packaging.

Whether it’s opening a deliciously fragranced tube of green tea hand cream, lighting one of our Roland Pine candles, or slipping into a warm bath with a glass of rosé and our jasmine bubble bath, we hope that for you, Soap & Paper is still like Christmas Morning (or your birthday, or Kwanza, or Hanukkah…) every single day…